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Hi There!

My name is Elizabeth and I am a seamstress, avid traveler, and first-time blogger/writer. Welcome to my journal!

When I was young my father encouraged me to keep a diary. I still have it and now and again I'll pull it from the shelf and dust off the cover and take a peek inside. It always amazes and amuses me to see how I thought when I was six, what was important to me, what moments I found noteworthy enough to write down and keep.

Now that I've just turned thirty, I'd like to try my hand at journaling again. I'd like the chance to look back in a few decades with the same amusement and wonder at what my younger self captured in text and photographs. With any luck I'll manage to update this blog with some regularity. Perhaps I'll even get into some creative writing if the proper brain juices are flowing.

Wish me luck and thank you for stopping by!

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