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Four more days, y'all.

It rained ice last night, y'all. Yuck.

Tech has been... slow, lol. But good. We've been making steady progress and with any luck we'll finish Act II this afternoon and go for a full run this evening.

I'm pretty exhausted at this point and I still have four more fifteen-hour days ahead of me before our day off on Thanksgiving. But I'm making pretty good overtime, which is sweet. Hello Christmas shopping money. ;)

Ahem, I mean college tuition money. Yes, totally meant that.

Entertainment Tonight came in a few days back and filmed my leading lady in several of her costumes. I can't figure out how to make the video embed itself into my journal, but here's a link if you'd like to see a few of her looks as well as listen to her spectacular voice. Holy cow, she is killing these songs in the very best way possible.

Oh! And I've sold a few of my dinosaurs! I've been working on them in my downtime and a number of people who've seen them have purchased them from me. LOL, now I have to crochet even faster because those were supposed to be Christmas gifts for a friend of mine, but... I'll get them done. Eventually.

Alright. I'm going to pack my lunch and head on out!

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Hurry up and wait.


Yesterday was first day of tech and it went pretty well, I believe. I mean, it was awesome for me seeing as costumes weren't even touched. It gave me and my crew plenty of time to find all the items marked as 'missing' or 'needs to purchase', and our seamstress was able to knock out a lot of alterations for the swings & understudies.

Today was supposed to mark the beginning of costume tech, but the scenic and electric departments fell behind yesterday, so I've got another 10am - 12am day ahead of me with no costumes on deck. I'm bringing yarn to play with because at this point, there's little we can do until we get bodies inside my clothing.

I guess costume tech will begin tomorrow...? Depending on how today goes, I suppose. Meh. We're ready whenever.

The only thing I haven't enjoyed about tech thus far has been my production wardrober. She's... she's just so negative. She's the kind of person who never believes anything is good enough. She can find fault in literally everything, from the weather outside to the type of chair being offered for her to sit in. I actually had to warn my crew about her because she has this astonishing knack of pissing people off with her thoughtless rudeness. She not only had the gall to criticize my locals for coming in at 10am instead of 8am (which, some of them did come in at 8, so fuck you very much - also, if we don't have enough work to warrant us coming in so early, why do it?), but then decided to peace out at 7pm while the rest of us stayed until 11.


Anyway, have a beautiful picture of the sunrise over Manhattan!

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Last day off until Thanksgiving.

Oh my gosh, y'all, football yesterday was crazy! My Saints lost, which is a super bummer because they should have had that game. But no, in true Saints fashion they made a stupid mistake and allowed the Broncos to win. (I don't like the Broncos.)

Then the Titans just creamed the Packers. I'm sure my brother-in-law was thrilled since Titans are his home team. So I guess that's a yay, though I do like the Packers.

Cowboys vs. Steelers was an awesome game to watch. Very dramatic, very exciting. I'm very happy that my Cowboys won. I don't care for the Pennsylvania teams. Or the New York teams, for that matter. Booooooo, Jets.

Texans also won! But they were up against Jacksonville, and anyone who doesn't beat Jacksonville has to be sucking on some kind of superior suck level. So, victory in general is great, but this victory was kind of a given.

And then... then... my poor Patriots. They should have won that game against the Seahawks. They were just not giving their all last night. Fumbles and interceptions and flags, oh my. And they were at home too! They practically never lose at home. Tommy looked pissed at the end of the game. And my Gronk failed to catch what could have been a game-changing touchdown. UGH. Well. Oh well.

So, Pats and Saints, my two hometown teams, lost. However Cowboys, Texans, & Titans won, so I guess I'm still right side up after this last Sunday. Can't wait to see what next week brings!

Course I won't get to watch anything since I'll be at work from 10am - midnight, but I have all their apps so I can keep tabs on what's happening.

In other news, I made delicious food yesterday! Collapse )

I have enough stew leftovers for another five - six meals, so between that and my rice/broccoli concoction, my awesome BSTs (Bacon, Spinach, & Turkey sandwiches) and my pizza leftovers, I should be good to go for tech.

Alrighty. I'm off to crochet. I started my stocking last night and made a number of good mistakes - good in that I'm learning from them and am ready to go again today with all my new knowledge firmly in place. Hopefully by the end of the day I'll have it mostly done!

Quick question - the stocking is supposed to have a Santa face on it, but I don't know what color to make Santa. My sister is white and my brother-in-law is black, so their baby is obviously going to be some combination of white and black. I don't want to use peach because that's going to look too Caucasian, but I don't want to use chocolate because that'll look too African American. Color suggestions anyone? I was thinking maybe... taupe? Or would that be too gray? Maybe a light coffee? Ugh, colors.


Manhattan looks so close from here.

I didn't realize until this morning that the giant city I saw last night from my hotel room was downtown Manhattan. Hello there, One Trade Tower. Long time no see. :)

Well, my first day at Paper Mill Playhouse was awesome! I traveled Friday and got into Elizabeth, NJ well after dark. First thing I noticed was the cold. It's incredible what a three-hour trip north will do to the temperature. It's balls cold up here, y'all. And sad thing is - it's really not that cold yet. *shudders*

The hotel is pretty nice. It's a Country Inn & Suites. The shower is decent and there's a fridge/microwave in the room. I have my crock pot and am planning to make a delicious veggie stew and cornbread later today. Veggie stew goes good with Sunday football. There's a mall across the street and I'm considering bundling up after lunch to go visit. It'll be good for me to get out and stretch my legs, and there's also a Cold Stone Creamery in the food court, so... I swear, it doesn't matter how cold it is outside, it is never too cold for ice cream.

I went to the theater yesterday (10am - 8pm, which is probably the shortest day I'll work while I'm here). It's cute. A little on the small side, but nice. The locals are great. They're all very friendly and personable, very approachable and open. They take great pride in their work, which is excellent because it means I can trust them to care for both their assigned costumes and actors. I'm looking forward to working with them over the next two weeks.

Actors arrive in New Jersey today and are staying at a different hotel, I believe, one a bit closer to the theater than the crew is. Tuesday will be their first day on stage, but costumes and hair don't jump into the action until Wednesday evening. Tuesday will be about the audio and electrics. Once those are somewhat settled, we'll add in clothing, hair and makeup. And then we tech!

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I can't decide what I want to crochet first. I think I may start on my future niece/nephew's Christmas stocking, though I kind of want to tinker with the second set of dinos I've got in the works. I like the dinos because I don't really have to think when I'm playing with them. I've done enough that it's all muscle memory now.

But still... Christmas stocking...

We'll see.

Route 66

One for yesterday and one for today.

Sorry I haven't been responding to folks journal entries lately. I have one hard and fast rule on social media - I don't talk politics. I don't engage in it. So if your entry contains anything relating to the recent election, I skipped it. No offense meant. I just prefer to stick to my rule.

SO! Moving on.

Happy Veterans Day! A lot of the men in my family, on both sides, served in the military. I have relatives that fought in Vietnam, in Korea, both World Wars, even as far back as the American Revolution. My favorite vet, though, has to be my grandfather. I suppose since his death in August, 2015, his holiday is now Memorial Day rather than Veterans Day, but I'm still going to remember him and think of him fondly.

Collapse )

I also have a few pics from my shop time yesterday. Collapse )

Today's got a bit of a funky schedule. I was supposed to travel tomorrow and begin work in New Jersey on Sunday - but it turns out the wardrobe department in NJ has already scheduled Sunday as a day off. So now I'm going to the MD costume shop until three, then taking the train to NJ tonight, so I can begin work tomorrow and then have both Sunday and Monday off.

I get an actual factual weekend! I honestly can't remember the last time I had one of those on the road. I am going to cook ALL THE THINGS in my crock pot and crochet my fingers off.

Talk to y'all later!

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Shoot. I think winter found me.

Y'all! I'm feeling much better today, thank goodness. The cough is still lingering, but the headaches aren't as bad and in general I feel more aware and less like I'm floating through a thick fog, so... huzzah! Hopefully this crud is on its way out. I'm visiting my sister in about 2.5 weeks and I super-duper do not want to be sick for that.

The video shoot was AMAZING!!! I spent all of Monday at a video studio in Manhattan and it was so much fun. I studied film production in college and this was like getting a glimpse of what my life could have been if I'd stayed with that instead of venturing into theater. There was a lot of "hurry up and wait", but it was great, really. I got to meet nine of my twenty-four actors and they are all wonderful.

Except for my lead. She was kind of... icy. I'm not sure if she was simply having a bad day or if it was because the costume shop sent over the wrong size bra for her to wear and she had to wear her own, but... Yeah. Icy. I hope that doesn't continue on the road because I do not have the patience to deal with that for the next eighteen months.

This tour has something that most of my shows don't: straight men. The five boys who were part of the shoot and I got into a good football discussion and after that we were golden. The man who plays The Stalker looks an awful lot like Rob Gronkowski, my favorite football player. He's super sweet and kind of dreamy.

Collapse )

We ended up finishing the video shoot Monday afternoon, and then instead of getting a free day in NYC, we headed back to Maryland a day early. Today I finished organizing my work boxes and tomorrow and Friday are all about the paperwork. Huzzah. :)

And now I'm off to eat some delicious pizza. Night!

Route 66

Living the dream in The Big Apple

Y'all, I love trains.

Today I took my third train ride EVER and it was great. No long lines, no hassle, no strip searching... I just found a comfy seat next to the window, pulled out my computer to enjoy the free wifi, and ate my brown bag lunch. So wonderfully easy. I wish we had trains in the south.

I don't know why NYC makes me nervous. It does, and it doesn't. I was nervous up until the point that I emerged from Penn Station and got my first look at Midtown. Then the nerves melted away and I was ready to go. I think it's more the idea of such a massive city that gets my tummy all fluttery rather than the actual city itself. Because I know this city. I've worked here on five different shows. It's not at all a hard place to navigate.

It is a bit nippy, though, which I am not pleased about.

The hotel is... different. Interesting. I wouldn't call it great, but I'm definitely not going to call it bad.

Awesome Shower Pressure No Shower Door = watery mess that needs cleaning
Towel Warmer! No Fridge/Microwave
Option to open the window Really, really tiny room
Played Star Trek TOS music in the elevator Room powers off when I leave = can't charge stuff while I'm gone
Very nice view Creepy statues in the lobby
They have an awesome gym! I have no time to use the awesome gym.

So, not a total wash.

I bought some meds at the CVS across the street. Alka-Celtzer Plus - multi-symptom Cold & Flu. Hopefully it'll do something about this cough and headache. I just can't seem to shake it.

I ordered Dominos. I love their trackers. I have it set on the "romantic" tracker. It's cracking me up. :D

Alright, enough stalling - Collapse )

The Walking Dead comes on tonight. I can't decide if I want to stay up and watch it (and risk being too wired to sleep properly) or if I want to download it and watch it when I have more time. Decisions, decisions...


Book Stack

Strange thing to be anxious over...?

I get anxious about food. I think it started when I began losing weight. I became much more conscious of what I ate and how much, when I ate, what I cooked, how it would affect me, etc. I would count my calories, make lists of all the foods I ate during the day and when, which is good. It's encouraged to make lists and count calories when you're trying to lose weight. I honestly don't think I would have gotten as far if I hadn't.

But now I can't seem to stop, even though I've hit my goal weight and been in maintenance mode for the better part of two years now (they say if you can keep the weight off for five years, you're golden). I don't so much list each food item, but I list what my meals are going to be. I'll list them out for several weeks in advance. And if something comes up to alter that list, if a friend or family member casually says, "Hey, you want to go out for lunch?" - it's like... I don't know. It's like someone creeping into the bathroom and pulling back the shower curtain while I was bathing. XD

Isn't that strange? It sounds strange. People are strange. Ah well. :)

I'm feeling not at all better, but that's okay because I had delicious ice cream today!

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I've spent most of the day reading articles on pregnancy, delivery, and the ins and outs of child-rearing during the first few months of baby's life. The info has been very... informative. Gross, at times, but good. Today I learned how to use a breast pump. Interesting stuff.

I think I might turn in early today. Not quite yet - it's a bit too early for that - but soon. I want to be well rested for my train ride to NYC tomorrow. :D

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So weird.

[649 days]

So weird that I'm going home three weeks from tomorrow. It sounds like such a short time, but I know it's going to feel very, very long.

I think I'm coming down with something. I feel a heaviness in my chest, like I can't take a full breath. I cough intermittently, but nothing comes up and thankfully my throat isn't sore. I have a terrible headache and my face feels flushed, but I have no pain in my sinuses or draining in my ears or nose. Not sure what to call this, but for now I'm going to take my vitamin C and hope it goes away. :D

Tomorrow is technically a day off, but I'm still planning to go to work, if only to do a little clean up. My work boxes are done, my gondolas are all labeled. All I have left is to stock them with what supplies I have - things like laundry baskets, hangers, robes for the actors, clip lights and mirrors for quick change alley, etc.

I'm also going to begin gathering what I call my "squirrel" supplies. "Squirrel" supplies = food. One of the most difficult things to do during tech is find the time to eat. I'm going to cook up a mess of food before tech starts, but it won't last me through the end and I'll need to snack throughout the long days. So to make sure I keep operating on a full tummy, I stash food in all the open nooks and crannies of my work boxes. Instant oatmeal, fiber one brownies, little boxes of cereal and baggies of goldfish. Mmm. I love snacks. :D

Photobucket is apparently down. That's why none of my recent pictures are showing. In the meantime, I'll upload through LJ. If Photobucket stays down, I guess I'll have to move all my stuff. Bummer.

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Alright. I'm off to watch the latest episode of The Exorcist. Night!